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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello everyone!
I am a student artist that hopes to progress thanks to this site's community.
Do not hesitate to note me if you are interested to know more about this or that; I don't bite. :)
I haven't been posting as much as I'd like lately, and I'm sorry about that. I have a lot of things I want to draw and/or do, but I can't, mainly because my brother left for university with my tablet. I didn't mind that much, because I needed to get a new, better one, but as always, Amazon takes its sweet time sending it over and I'm stuck in waiting. Since I can't draw on the computer, I mainly do doodles in my sketch pad, but nothing worth sharing. Also my scanner is awful, so there's that.
The tablet I ordered is a medium Wacom Intuos, and since I've heard a lot of good stuff about this thing I can't wait to try it out!
Since I've started my last year at college, I have a lot of projects and stuff to do, but I should still have the time to draw and write, so there's no worry about that this semester. I can't guarantee about the winter semester, but we'll see when we get there. For those wondering, I'm studying in Visual Arts, so I touch a lot of things; sculpture, painting, drawing, digital media (photo, video, ect), annnnd that's about it. Not much going on, actually. I'll probably post some of the stuff I do this semester since I haven't posted anything about last year.
And that's it about me life! The tablet should arrive soon, so expect a bunch of new drawings to show up eventually.
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Kirby - Demonpedia - Susshi by CelestiaDragonKnight
Kirby - Demonpedia - Susshi

          ID Number : 04 46 21


         Name : Susshi


         Type : Crusher/Fish


         Numbers : Common


         History : The Susshi demon-beast was first discovered when HN Co. sent a school of these demons across the Horseshoe Galaxy. It was given its name by the first Star Warrior to fight a specimen, Sir Gailhen Strongfist. In multiple cultures across this galaxy, Susshi are considered a delicacy, while other cultures see them as sacred ‘sea gods’ that must not be disturbed.


         Physical Description : Susshi is often described as a sea snake, mainly because of its long eel-like tail, which it uses to slide across the deep waters in which it hunts. Its body is round like that of an lion fish, and its head is shaped like a lizard’s. Susshi’s belly is covered in smooth yet rock-hard scales that allow it to crawl on land using its hands-like fins. Its teeth are small and sharp and its snout long and slim, allowing it to easily fish while at top speed. Susshi are usually crimson in color, but older specimens can turn white, while young are darker.


         Abilities : When on land, using its tail’s strong muscles, Susshi can propel itself in the air and crush its enemies. The hard scales of its belly prevent it from injuring itself and offer little hope of recovering from an attack. When in the water, Susshi are fast and will usually attack by ramming on boats or embarcations so its occupants will fall in the water.


         Feeding : Susshi are omnivorous creatures, meaning they will hunt living animals, but won’t hesitate to eat sea plants and fruits when its hunting territory is empty. When hunting for food, Susshi will rarely use their crushing tactic and will only resort to it if their life depends on it.


         Taming : On many stars, cultures see the Susshi demon-beast as a delicacy, and so the market revolves around the breeding of Susshi for gastronomy. Observations have shown that if Susshi are well trained from birth, they are able to listen to their caretaker/master, but will rarely listen to anybody else because of their independent nature. Their loyalty makes them good ‘pets’ for those who can care for them.


         Breeding : Susshi do not mate for life, but males will often remain in the female’s territory to assure the growth of its spawn. Females are very protective of their babies and get aggressive when Hunters get too close to them. They can lay from five to twenty eggs.


         Growth Rate : Susshi females hide their eggs in holes they dig near beaches, bays or crooks, usually where the water is warm. Tadpoles hatch inside two weeks, and as soon as they are born, they can swim well enough to follow their mother into open sea, where she will hunt for them for many months until they can care for themselves. Seeing as Susshi have a rather slow growth rate compared to most demon-beasts, Hunters are recommended to kill the Susshi when they are still young, for they can reach massive sizes when they grow in open waters.


         Natural Behaviour : Susshi are naturally calm creatures. Unless they are bothered, they won’t harm anyone or anything that doesn’t pose a threat to their life. They are usually found close to the surface, where they are often seen drifting with their nostrils poking out of the water. Observations have shown them to be either sleeping or gathering warmth from the sun to keep themselves warm when plunging in the deep. To find schools of their own kind in open seas, Susshi will swim to the surface and sing. It is said that numerous cultures in the Horseshoe galaxy have written and oral stories about singing mermaids, beautiful creatures that sing out to sailors. It has been proven that these stories were based on Susshi that were calling out to their own. It is thought that Susshi have a hierarchy among themselves and can recognize different schools and groups, making researchers believe Susshi have an excellent memory: it has also been the case with Hunters, with stories about Susshi having a grudge against a particular Hunter.


         Recommended Weapons : To hunt a Susshi, a Hunter can use electrified harpoons that must be sharp enough to pierce its thick hide. Electricity based weaponry is also useful when the Susshi is on the ground. A Hunter needs to watch for its tail, which should be cut off to prevent it from launching itself in the air.


         Good hunting!


So! Here's the next one! I actually adore Susshi. I can't remember the episode he was in, but I love him. He's just so adorable and fun to draw! He doesn't get much love in the community from what I've seen. So here's my depiction of him! I also got to draw my first real underwater background with this pic. It was fun and challenging! I feel this little project of mine is gonna help a lot with my background problems, allowing me to be more comfortable about those. Tell me what you think!

Kirby - Demonpedia - The Ice Dragon by CelestiaDragonKnight
Kirby - Demonpedia - The Ice Dragon

         ID Number : 00 35 26


         Name : Ice Dragon


         Type : Frost Breather


         Numbers : Scarce


         History : The name Ice Dragon was given by the Elder Star Warrior Raya-kesh, after she and her team first met an Ice Dragon on Freyah Star. It is based on a legend of her people about a gigantic ice beast called Ushru’rieh that froze the world until the fire god Ayatehm subdued the beast and put it to sleep, restoring order to the land.


         Physical Description : The Ice Dragon is renowed for its immense size, as it grows in colder environments, in which it thrives. Because of this feature, the Ice Dragon can be found as tall as a fourtheen stories building, as well as small as a cat. They can regulate their growth rate, meaning that an adult can remain as small as a hatchling and grow if needed. The Ice Dragon’s scales are sturdy and resistant against steel; however they will melt and become weak when heated. The Ice Dragon possesses a set of strong jaws fitted with outside teeth; a Hunter will need to watch for both when facing against a Dragon. They are mostly bipedal creatures and will use their strong legs to run long distances; they will use their long arms to grab their prey. They are mostly found in cold colors such as cyan or even green, though specimens that have grown without freezing their environment often turn a rust-like color; this is proof of poor health and malnutrition.


         Abilities : The Ice Dragon, as its name implies, is a frost breather; it uses this breath to freeze victims into a solid block of ice, which they will then break to kill their prey or keep for later. They use another type of breath to freeze the environment; by breathing a mist-like gas into the sky, they are able to completely devastate a whole continent in a matter of days if the Dragon is well fed and protected. The colder the habitat, the faster the Ice Dragon will grow, although it was shown that many regulate their growth rate to adapt to a specific lifestyle, depending on their situation.


         Feeding : The Ice Dragon is normally carnivorous, but has been known to be highly adaptable depending on the star it was sent to. To eat, the Ice Dragon will first chase and hunt its prey, then, when it gets the chance, will use its frost breath to completely freeze the prey. They often keep their catch in stocks, keeping them for later or for their hatchlings. Tests have shown that frozen animals are usually in a state of hibernation and are, in fact, still alive. It is recommended a successful Hunter brings back the frozen prey so they can be freed, if possible.


         Taming : Due to the rarity of the Ice Dragon, few tests have been run to testify whether they can be domesticated or not. When under HN Co.’s control, Ice Dragons were shown to listen to their buyers, but no one beyond that.


         Breeding : Ice Dragon couples mate for life and are very attached to each other. It is strongly recommended a Hunter bring both the male and the female down when hunting, for if only one falls, the other will become much more aggressive and attack relentlessly to avenge its fallen mate. Females usually lay from one to six eggs, and couples will care for the hatchlings until they can live on their own. To incubate and protect the eggs, females usually cover them in snow. A hunting tactic requires a Hunter to consider that males and females will usually take turns between guarding the hatchlings and hunting.


         Growth Rate : When hatched, baby Ice Dragons are scaleless and blind, making them extremely vulnerable. They open their eyes in a matter of days, and can walk a few hours right after. At this stage, they are as small as cats. The adults will care for them until they grow their scales, all the while growing non-stop if their habitat permits it. Hatchlings are considered adults when they grow they first ice spike, usually at the back of the head; it can happen between fifty and a hundred years of age, depending on the situation. They then leave the nest and continue growing. It is recommended to kill an Ice Dragon right after it leaves the nest, as they are still unexperienced and will often make mistakes and underestimate a Hunter.


         Natural Behaviour : Naturally, Ice Dragons are laid back creatures. When they are not hunting, they like to lay in the snow near their nest or their favorite place and rest. Parents will often play with their young and carefully watch over them, as hatchlings are usually full of energy and won’t hesitate to run after everything that moves. Sightings have shown that Ice Dragons can be affectionate amon each other; couples were seen scratching and nibbling each other as greetings, as well as laying down and sleeping together. Tests and observations have also concluded that adults will recognize their flesh and blood even when they are prime adults and will allow them on their territory. A fun fact is that Ice Dragons are often seen rolling in the snow; they cover themselves in snow, and their cold scales will transform it into frost. It is uncertain whether they do this to grow faster or to maintain a specific temperature, but they seem to teach this to their hatchlings at a young age. When hatchlings have grown their scales, the parents will bring them to hunt with them and teach them this way; hatchlings learn by mimicking what adults do.


         Recommended Weapons : Flame-throwers are the best weapons against Ice Dragons; by melting their scales, a Hunter will be able to easily pierce their skin and attack their weak points, the neck and stomach. A heated blade will also work in the same way. Firearms will be close to useless, unless shot directly into the mouth of the Ice Dragon; it won’t kill it, but it will confuse it and render it vulnerable to attacks.


         Good Hunting!


So! Here is something new! The Demonpedia (name might change if I find a new one. Don't hesitate to suggest!) will be a compilation of many demon-beasts redrawn and re-imagined, to show what I think they became after Nightmare's fall. In my headcannon, I believe the demon-beasts that remained have become more of wild animals than demons, at least the animal demon-beasts. I have not really touched the subject of the Demon Hunter Agency, so I'd like to expand on this idea with this project.
Basically, for those who don't know or are interested in knowing, the Demon Hunter Agency formed right after Nightmare fell, with the help of the surviving Star Warriors, Sir Arthur, Dragato, Falspar and Nonsurat, as well as Knuckle Joe and Silica, who brought the idea, and reunited surviving warriors of the war, mercenaries, hunters or even willing young soldiers, to form a new force to replace the Galaxy Soldier Army. They call themselves Hunters and receive contracts from differing stars to bring down demon-beasts that have taken refuge in their world.
I hope that people will appreciate this little series, because I know I will! I will try to draw mostly unnoticed demon-beasts, some that people don't draw often or just plain forget about. I will not stick strictly to the anime's looks, as you can see with the Ice Dragon (who is one my favourite demon-beasts actually, it's so cute!), and I will not hesitate to go for a more... I don't know, realistic? (I don't like using that word) We'll see how this goes! I know this will be great practice for me! For this Ice Dragon, it was basically one of the first times that I've drawn a dinosaur, and I really had fun with it! So please, if you see any anatomical mistakes, please understand and tell me nicely. :) Thank you.
Hope you enjoy!

Kirby - A New Age Cover by CelestiaDragonKnight
Kirby - A New Age Cover
So! There it is!
I've worked on this little thing over the week-end, since I got my new tablet. I've had plans to redraw the cover page of this story for a while now, and I'm glad I finally got to it! It's much more faithful to the story in my opinion, as it showcases more important things than the last one did. The last one was just something to put an image on the story, I guess. I wasn't even using photoshop when I made the last one, so it was a while ago...
Anyway! Tell me what you think, I'd be interested to hear what I could do better in this cover, as I know very well it's far from perfect!
Also, Warriors-of-Iznugia is my name on, and since I have a larger audience there, I put this name instead of my deviantart one. Why not. They're just names.
Kirby - SUIKA by CelestiaDragonKnight
Kirby - SUIKA
I got me mah new tablet. And I love it.
So I made this very quick doodle (an hour at best), to test it out, and it works so smoothly, it's perfect!
For those who wonder, it's a Wacom Intuos Pro, to replace my Wacom Bamboo which I had to give to my brother for university. I'm still gonna have to get used to it, but I already love it!
Ribbon stirred. The only thing she could feel was a headache and, strangely, warmth. As she woke, her tired eyes fluttered open, and she found herself staring at a ceiling, a metallic one. Confused about her surroundings, she slowly turned her head and looked around. She was in a bedroom of sorts, on an awfully comfy bed that was quite welcomed after all of the previous ordeals. There were very few furniture, and the room itself wasn’t really wide, but it sufficed. One wall was covered in tall and thick windshields, through which she could see the rising sun. The ship was moving above a sea of flaming lights, and over the horizon, the sky was paling with lighter shades of blue and fiery golden, making her think of a particular painting she often passed by at the castle on Ripple Star…
Taking a deep breath, she straightened up in bed, lifting a hand to rub her head, only to find her palm covered in bandages. She also had a single patch of bandage on a sensitive spot on her forehead, but nothing more. Frowning, her buzzing wings lifted her from the bed and carried her silently toward the door, which she tried opening. There were no handles, but there was a panel on the side; however, no matter how many buttons she pressed, the small screen flashed red. It was locked. With an angry sigh, she pounded on the door, calling:

“Hey! Anyone there? Let me out!”

There was no answer, and for the next ten minutes, she was left alone to wander in the room, wondering why or how she found herself here. Finally, the door slid open, making her turn immediately. She expected to see a pirate, a tall steel-cladded man covered in scars and weapons… but what she saw was a small, orange creature, wearing a white and blue sailor hat. It had its stubby arms above its head, with a plate filled with food perfectly balanced on top of his hat. It smiled – or so it appeared, as it had no mouth- to her, and walked inside, the door sliding shut behind it.

“Hello!” he said, voice young like a child’s. “I thought you’d be hungry. Here!”

He settled the plate on the only table in the room, and pulled out a fork and butter knife from under his hat, placing them perfectly on either sides of the plate. Turning back to her, he smiled again. She could only float there, silent and flabbergasted.

“You’re Ribbon, right?” he asked, not waiting for an answer before continuing. “I saw you on Ripple Star, when we came the other day. You’re a princess, right? That must be awesome! I served under a king once you know, but there weren’t any princesses, or queens, or anything…”

“Um,” she hesitated, cutting him off. “Who are you? Where am I and why am I here?”

He blinked twice, large eyes speaking in place of any mouth.

“Sorry!” he laughed. “My name is Sailor Dee, but everyone calls me Dee for short. Nice to meet you!”

He extended his stubby arm, and though she hesitated at first, she slowly held out her own, and shook his little paw. He saluted next, as if he were speaking to or for someone important.

“You’re aboard the great Halberd, and I apologize in place of my Lord for the way we brought you here. It was kinda the only way… Anyway, you’re here only because our Lord wants you to be here.”

“Your Lord?” she echoed. “And who exactly is this Lord?”

“You’ll meet him later!” he said, nodding his head as if agreeing with himself. “But he’s busy right now with your blue friend, so you’ll have to wait. Don’t worry though, won’t be long!”

A sound suddenly erupted from the Waddle Dee’s hat, like a screeching noise from a radio.

“Oi, Dee!” a husky voice spoke from under the hat. “Need you over here, lil bud, right now.”

Dee fiddled with his hat and pulled out a small, short-range radio.

“Coming, Mace! Tell Captain Vul the fairy is awake, I gave her food. She’s really nice!”

With a wave, he ran back toward the door, and though Ribbon followed quickly to try and leave, the door slid shut, and when she tried opening it again, it was locked once more. She floated there, confused, for a long moment. What was happening here? Who was this Lord they all kept mentioning? Was he really Azure’s master…? She turned her head to look at the food. Her belly rumbled. A bite wouldn’t hurt…

Bun walked out of the dome house with a deep sigh. What a mess, he thought, scratching his still aching head. He looked around in the village, still surprised that this was, in fact, a thing. Who would’ve thought that so many Kiridans still lived! With everything that happened here, there were already a lot of people walking the roads, gossiping and talking among each other. A lot of them were repairing the damage caused by Azure’s explosive fire. It was just dawn, and the waking sun’s rays were starting to pierce the canopy of the trees, draping a somewhat serene veil on the town. He breathed in the nice, humid air of the jungle, setting off to wander the streets.
It was very strange to see so many people like Kirby, of all ages. The amount of children actually surprised him, though he saw it as excellent news; it meant that this species wasn’t ready to disappear just yet. As he turned a corner, he noticed Galacta Knight, behind a house with many people he seemed familiar with. Was that his family? Or what remained of it? Maybe they were old friends. He was laughing and seemed generally content to be with them, though Bun couldn’t help but notice… he kept looking up at the sky, as if watching for something, and looked somewhat… absent. Maybe it was the lack of sleep making him imagine things.
His sensitive ears caught some noise behind him, and he turned his head to look, curious. There was a small group of people farther behind him, near the well. All young women, it seemed. They were looking his way, smiling and giggling among themselves. Oh my! He smirked. It had been a while since he had talked to girls. Time to see if his skills were still up to date.

Kia closed the door to her house, slowly and silently. The home was quiet, for once. How strange… It gave her chills, and made her rub her arms, as if hugging herself. She took in a deep breath by the nose, and exhaled through the mouth, trying to calm her drumming heart. Az would be fine. She knew it. She knew him an excellent fighter, able to defend himself and those around him if need be, although he wasn’t usually violent. It didn’t surprise her to hear he had tried to help that poor fairy. She tried to find comfort in the thought that Ribbon wasn’t alone with these pirates, though it hardly worked. As she walked toward the living room, someone knocked on the door behind her, and opened it before she could do anything. It was Dragato, maskless. He was limping, holding himself with his cane, and she dropped her head ever so slightly. He closed the door behind him, and tapped his way over to her. They both walked to the living room, where she sat down on the sofa. He remained standing, looking around the room curiously, and waited for her to talk, which she didn’t for a long time.

“You’ll be leaving, I’m guessing…”

She cleared her throat, finding it more dry and hoarse than she had thought. He nodded his head.

“Yes. We’re going after those pirates, as soon as we’re all ready. It seems most of our crew members are now aboard that battleship. Why, we don’t really know, but we’ll find out.”

When she didn’t answer, he looked at her, only to find her staring at the wall, her eyes depleted of any energy. He stepped a bit closer to her and held out a hand; he gently moved her chin so she faced him. His eyes glowed softly in the dim light.

“Don’t worry about Az,” he spoke softly. “We both know he’s a tough guy. Whatever’s going on aboard that ship, he’ll hold on until we get there. So you and Maëlle don’t worry yourselves one bit, alright?”

She appeared somewhat surprised for a short moment, but she smiled with a nostalgic glow in her eyes.

“I missed your little speeches,” she said. “You were always good to make us believe again…”

She breathed in deeply, still feeling his hand on her cheek.

“Alright,” she breathed. “I’ll be fine. You just go and find my husband, alright? I’ll watch over Maëlle… Find Landia and Ribbon as well, okay? That poor little girl must be so scared…”

“You know I will.”

He leaned forward, and she felt his warm lips press softly against her forehead, making her smile and blush. She knew how Dragato had always felt about her. He had accepted that they weren’t meant to be and had fully supported she and Az’s relationship, although she could see in his eyes he still had feelings for her. He had never resented Az for this, and it warmed her heart to see he truly wanted to help him. As he pulled away from her, she could only recall the time when he swore to protect her family, her son… She was glad to have him as her best friend. She would see Az again soon.
They didn’t know it, but behind the door of the living room, a young child who wasn’t in her bed was listening to their whole conversation…

Kirby was alone in the house, busy putting back his things together. Azure tore a hole in his bag in search for the crystals, and Kirby had been glad that Hailan was there to help him fix it. At least it would hold on for the rest of the journey. He picked up his own Warp Star, the golden one, and sighed as he stared at it.

“Sorry,” he whispered to it, watching it glow softly. “I haven’t really taken care of you in a while… Things are a mess in my head… I hate it…”

It glowed a bit more for a few seconds, as if answering him quietly. He held it in his arms, hugging its warmth closer and filling his being with its calming effects.

“You wanna go back home too, don’t you?” he whispered again. “Now that I think about it, you were always with the other Warp Star in Kabu’s sanctuary… Will you take me where I want if I ask you, like you used to?”

In response, he heard a voice; it wasn’t coming from his bag, from the other Warp Star, but from this one. Shocked, he could only listen to that child-like voice again.

“Oh my gods! Are you okay?!”

He found himself staring at the sky; a bright, blue sky, with a few puffy clouds slowly floating here and there. There was the sound of the sea in his ears, and the taste of salty water in his mouth. He tried to breathe, but choked and gagged, spiting out the water that was still in his lungs. He felt a strange numbness in his body, like nothing was moving… He heard the voice again, and this time saw two, large eyes look at him from above; a Waddle Dee’s head. It gasped and held its paws to its nonexistent mouth.

“Oh no… You’re definitely not okay… Uh, don’t move! I’ll, uh, bring you home! Oh gods, is that a sword?!”

The face disappeared, and he found himself looking at the sky again. Everything faded to black as he stumbled into unconsciousness, and was brought back to the present day. Kirby’s heart was beating out of his chest. What did that all mean? When did that happen? Was it… recent? He looked back down at his Warp Star. So… it knew too…

“Is he… really alive…?” he whispered to it.

It shone again, brightly. He sat down, and breathed in. But… how? Why? At that moment, Kirby felt something twinge in his back, and when he rubbed a hand, he felt nothing. He quickly forgot about it.

When Sir Arthur came out of the Elder’s home, it was time. Everyone gathered around him; Dragato, Galacta Knight, Hailan, Blade, Bun and Kirby. Arthur crossed his arms and looked over each of them.

“It is time,” he said. “Galacta Knight, is your ship ready?”

“Yes Sir,” he answered. “Light speed is fully functional and should take you to the Agency in no time.”

“So you’re not coming with us, Sir,” Hailan added.

The leader shook his head.

“If what you heard from Knuckle Joe is true, then I must go back. I must be with my troops during this time of crisis.”

He turned his eyes farther to the back, making Galacta and Kirby part to show Magolor, who was standing a bit out of their circle. They let him in when Arthur gestured for him to come closer.

“So, young man,” he said, “it’s your choice. I have heard your plea and I promise you on my honor as a Star Warrior that we will come to Halcandra’s aid. The choice is here; you can come with me to the Agency, or stay with this group and help in their search for the crystal shards. Need I remind you that your ship’s equipment would be very useful in this search.”

Kirby stared at the young Halcandran with clear curiosity. He didn’t know him much, but from what he had seen of him and how he had acted toward him and his friends, he seemed like a nice guy. He liked him, and it was why he smiled at him when his eyes strayed off to him before responding.

“I’ll stay with them, Sir,” he answered. “There’s not much I can do at the Agency compared to what I can do here to help. Besides, it’ll be much safer with two ships instead of one against that huge battleship. So… I’m staying.”

Arthur nodded his head, and smiled when he saw Galacta Knight wrap one arm around the young man, laughing while flexing his wings:

“Awesome! I was getting attached to this little guy! Welcome to the family, bud!”

Magolor’s eyes were shining at these words, looking at the winged knight in an almost shocked silence. It seemed the prospect of being with them appealed to him. Arthur nodded again.

“Good, good.”

He next turned to Dragato, and walked forward to put his hand on his shoulder.

“I’m putting you in charge, my friend,” he said. “I know you’ll do just fine.”

“You won’t regret it,” the limping knight answered. “I’ll bring everyone back in one piece once we’re done. I swore it.”

“Good luck then. To all of you.”

The two brothers shook hands like the old friends they were, and Arthur turned to Kirby last. He put both of his hands on his shoulders.

“Kirby,” he started. “Whatever happens, don’t let appearances fool you. I know you’re going through a lot, but in the end, I have no doubt that all your questions will be answered. Just let time do its work, and don’t be hasty. Do you understand me?”

The young Star Warrior nodded his head, a confident smile on his lips. He saluted.

“Yes, Sir! Don’t worry about me. I think I’ll be just fine.”

Arthur smiled; after all this, it was time to leave, for all of them. The leader headed for Galacta Knight’s small ship, which he needed to get back to the Agency. Before closing the hatch, he looked one last time at the village. He had promised the Elder that the Agency would protect this place, and eventually find a better place for this colony. They would need to work with the fairies and their relationships with Kiridans, but it was also a Star Warrior’s job to help the people live together, to be the link between worlds. Things would work out. He knew it. With one last wave of his hand, he closed the hatch on top of the ship, and started the engines. Dragato watched the small ship rise into the air, higher and higher, until it traversed the canopy, then saw its shadow disappear into the sky. He took in a deep breath, then turned to everyone else.

“Alright,” he called, getting back their attention. “We’re leaving as well. Young man,” he turned to Magolor, “can your ship detect crystal shards?”

Magolor nodded excitedly, joining his hands in front of him.

“Yes, it can! If we use one of those that we have, I should be able to track down the pirates more efficiently.”

“Perfect. Kirby, Galacta, you two and I will be aboard the Lor. Blade, Hailan and Bun, you keep your ship. If we must communicate, we’ll do it through the main computers, not through radio. Any questions?”

“What will we do once we find those pirates?” Blade asked.

Dragato had a small sigh at this question.

“I will try to negotiate with them. Try to find out what their plans are. We must try to resort to fighting as less as possible, am I understood?”

They all nodded, and Dragato breathed in deeply.

“Alright then. Let’s go.”

As they all boarded their respective ships, Kirby looked back. The whole village was watching them leave; the children were waving at him, the adults silent. They all looked… confident. They were trusting them. It made him feel better, somehow. He saw Kia, her form standing out in the crowd. She smiled at him, and he smiled back, waving his hand. They would bring back her husband. He was sure of it. He didn’t see Maëlle with her, strangely. Where was she? She was probably sad, right now… It made his heart ache just to think about it.
Kirby turned his head and boarded the Lor Starcutter, the door sliding shut behind him. He had a feeling that their journey was just starting…

Az followed the skull-masked young knight in a corridor, listening to his rambling.

“The Lord wasn’t expecting you to be here,” he spoke. “We’re not really fans of stowaways, here, but I guess he’ll make an exception. You look like a good guy, though, so I’m not surprised.”

Az was only staring ahead, only responding when asked a question, and transfixed his eyes on the lone door at the end of the hallway. He felt… nervous. Just the thought of meeting this man, whoever he was… They stopped in front of the door, and the pirate started entering a code in the panel. Before finishing, he looked at him.

“Just watch your words, and you should be fine,” he said.

Az only nodded his head. The door opened, and he walked inside, hearing it slide close behind him. The room he found himself in was wide; it had a lot of furniture, tables, shelves, sofas and chairs, even a sort of fireplace, and the whole wall of the back was covered in tall windows that allowed a wonderful view of the sea of clouds they were in, with the glorious sun of Neo Star rising in the distance. The first thing he saw, was Azure; the Wolfwrath walked up to him, tongue hanging, as if happy, but didn’t speak and only sniffed his face, before turning and heading back toward the windows. The demon-beast was excited, tail wagging and refusing to stay still. There was one of the chairs turned toward the windows, and on that one, sat the Lord.
Az’s heart first skipped a beat. He walked forward, clenching his teeth. When he stood behind the chair and the man stood up, his heart shattered to a million pieces. He stuttered, voice reduced to a broken whisper.

“S… Son…? Is that really…”

“I told you all,” Azure spoke, standing behind his Lord. “Master is here.”
A New Age chap 24 Act 2 Epilogue
And thus we reach the end of Act 2. Again I'll just post what I said on ffn, as I'm particularly talkative in that author's note.

And here we have it. Epilogue of act 2. I thought it was a good place to end it. I don’t think it should be long until I start the third act. I just have to get my life back together and it’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think of the story so far! Personally, I’m very proud of how far I’ve come with this story; I see I’m getting better in my storytelling mostly, and my English to boot. Wouh! I’m also glad I was able to finally get a good headcannon together and put it in a story that people seem to find interesting. Also, here’s a question for you lovely readers: what is it about this story that you like/find interesting/keeps you around? I’m actually curious. On that note, as always, have a good read! This one is shorter of course, but it’s a good conclusion I feel, considering the third act will be explosive. And I mean it. Have a wonderful day, you wonderful persons.    

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