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Etalius Life - The Prince by CelestiaDragonKnight
Etalius Life - The Prince
I realize I've never drawn Arthur correctly. So there he is, in all of his royal presence! Arthur is one of the main protagonists of my story, I'll probably post a ref sheet of him one day. I've been in the mood to draw these kinds of portraits lately, they're really fun to paint and I get to practice doing some textures. Probably others will be on the way, the other main protagonists which include a whole bunch of people. Should keep me occupied along with final exams in college!

Arthur belongs to me, thank you very much.
Etalius Life - The Specimen by CelestiaDragonKnight
Etalius Life - The Specimen

         'When he arrived in the medical bay’s corridor, already the putrid smell of rraorh flesh filled his nose; it only took two specimen to infect the frigate with their auras and stench. This, doubled with their irritating presence near him, angered him easily.

         Arthur walked toward the main examination room, where the said specimen had been taken for observation. Why, by the Gods, was it him who had to verify their state…? Surely Nelphat could report himself to the Commander? Maybe the specimen gave him a hard time. He had indeed never used his healing arts on Rraorh’ies before, and he was, unfortunately for him, the only medic on board. Or healer, whatever the way he wanted to be called. Arthur wasn’t in the mood to care for these details, not with these two monstrosities polluting the frigate’s air.

         As soon as the door slid open before him, he was greeted with a peculiar scene. The younger of the two of them, the one who had fun loosing them in the snow, was on the first bed to be seen when entering the circular room, being interrogated by Cassil, who was the only one on board to fluently speak rraorh. The only way to tell it was him was by the suit and armor laying in pieces on a nearby table. Other than that… this child looked nothing like what he had thought of the rraorh youth. Was he even rraorh to begin with? Or maybe they had different breeds, like what his uncle had once mentionned?

         As soon as his presence was noticed, the child turned to him; and Arthur suddenly saw a large, cheeky smile form on his bony traits, a smile unlike any smile he had ever seen, a smile that brought shining orbs to his ruby-colored eyes. The child was strangely covered with a short and dense fur, as crimson as his cursed eyes. The fur was growing like vines on the skull attached to his face, a face not unlike his own… It looked like the skull was simply glued there, and the skin, as if in an effort to reconquer its rights, had decided to grow above the bone on multiple locations. The child was not only covered in fur, which was very uncommon for his species, but his tail, which seemed to be at a normal length for his kind, was also filled with long and soft-looking fur and ended, like the luminous bugs of Iznugia, with a glowing puff of hair like a lantern, which was holding itself above his head as if the child was constantly struck by an idea. His body seemed to be proportionate for a child’s, at least… but even his legs were different from a normal Rraorh’y’s! Instead of finishing in two long spikes, at the end of his thin legs were three toes, each ending with long and large claws that could very easily tear off a face in an instant. How he was able to walk with such deformed legs, and with such agility at that, was beyond him… Who knew what other deformities this child was hiding…

         “Don’t jump to conclusions, Arthur”, he told himself harshly. “With how little you actually know about Rraorh’y, maybe this is a standard child for them and the fur… will fall off by its own. Ugh, that means he’ll get some everywhere if he loses it here…”

         Arthur did not answer the child’s smile, and he turned immediately to the other occupied bed. How unsurprised he was to see another specimen covered in fur. The child, however, noticing that Arthur was ignoring him completely, lost his precious smile, and his ears dropped in sudden distress, before his attention was brought back to the kind lady talking to him. The white Big Bird, he noted to himself silently, was hostile, and he was not to be approached. There were many Big Birds here. Maybe another one would be nicer…'

Kildor was always a personal favourite of mine, and I'm sad that I don't draw him more. Here we see him when Arthur, one of the main characters of my story, sees him without his suit for the first time after they found him and his Krratzii on a snowy planet. Arthur is a bit racist concerning Rraorh'ies, considering that they are mostly seen as terrorists and a cursed race of aliens commanded by the King of Snakes and his commanders. Needless to say that Arthur wouldn't do well in a peaceful rraorh colony, as those do exist in Guild territory. This is a scene from the third book I've been feeling like painting, and I also wanted to test out a new fur technique I found and liked.

    The world of Etalius and all of its contents belong to me!

Draw It Again - Three Warriors by CelestiaDragonKnight
Draw It Again - Three Warriors
Here is the meme I mentioned in the last post. You see now?
Four years can really do something to your art...
My goodness.
Three Warriors remake by CelestiaDragonKnight
Three Warriors remake
Do you guys remember a drawing I made a long, long time ago? With these three handsome b*tches together? Yeah. Me too.
Here it is again! Remastered with better graphics and cool gamepla- *shot*
No, seriously, I couldn't be happier with how much I've come from back then concerning both digital and traditional art. I decided to take part in the Draw It Again meme, and it really helped me see the difference! If you ever feel bad about your art, this meme is perfect I think. I know it pumped me back up!

Galacta Knight, Meta Knight and Kirby belong to Nintendo.
Art is mine.
Etalius Life - Blue Eyes by CelestiaDragonKnight
Etalius Life - Blue Eyes
This is a gift for a friend that is not feeling well.
I thought I would cheer her up a bit.

dem abs doe

First try at making a full picture in black and white, and I like it! I should probably do this more often, it's quite relaxing.

Loui belongs to my friend!
Markus belongs to me!


Hello everyone, and welcome on this profile. ^_^ I am Luna-the-Wolf 123 from
Do not expect me to draw amazing things, I like to draw but just for fun. My main goal is to write my first series of book. :)
Hello, strangers. I was gone. I am back. I am trying, and I say trying, to make my portfolio on my other profile, Warriorsofiznugia, but, meh, at the same time, I seem to have started a fanfiction from the Zelda series, to take a break from my original novel. I post it on, but I suddenly remembered this place, and, meh, I think I'll post it here if people are interested. Thank you!

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